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Beca Vicenç Mercadé

2019: AGS congrés Americà “AGS 2019” de la “American Geriatrics Society”

Títol: Predictors of Functional Recovery Over Time in Older Patients Admitted to Geriatric Rehabilitation Units: The SAFARI Multi-Centre Study
Autora: Alicia Calle Egusquiza
Hospital: Parc Salut Mar
Dotació: 1.000 €

Títol: Where do elderly people go after visiting an Emergency Department?
Autora: Maricelis Cruz-Grullón
Hospital: Consorci Hospitalari de Vic
Dotació: 1.000 €

2018: EUGMS Congrés Europeu “European Union Geriatric Medicine Society 2018”

Títol: Medphotage Study: Relative Cerebral Blood Flow(Rcbf) And Oxygenation In Older Adults With And Without Mild Cognitive Impairment(Mci) Using Nearinfrared(Nirs) And Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy(Dcs)
Autora: Dra. Cristina Udina Argilaga
Hospital: Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili
Dotació: 1.000 €